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13:51 2/25/2019

I'm still alive and tinkering a bit. Working on small Amiga adapters, one for AmigaExplorer for the serial port and another board for writting ADF files to a floppy thru the parallel port with ADTWin This board will REPLACE the fancy cable you have to have in order to use an actual 800k 1581/Amiga 500 floppy drive. I have also made an adapter (Null modem) that is used for telnet BBS'ing. It is used with TCPSer or TelBBS. See my eBay listings for pictures and info about this adapter.

Be sure to check out whats For-sale on eBay by me.

15:26 2/14/2016

Hello and welcome to my BLOG. I've been real lazy updating it I will admit.

I am selling these RS232 devices, the Ez232 is for the 'user port' and can do up to 9600 baud. The Link232 is for the 'expansion port' and can do 38.4k with flow control. They BOTH have TX and RX LED's on them so you know if something is actually working or not. These also help if you happen to have a bad cable.

The Ez232 is $30 - Left
The Link232 is $36.50 - Right

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